Midici Pizza

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Midici Pizza

Why MidiCi?

The only fast casual pizza that is going to disrupt the existing models, as it not about the pizza, rather the friendships created by spending time at MidiCi. The MidiCi brand positioning was developed for two years by Menchie’s CEO and team, marketing specialists, and is poised to capture the market quickly with pull demand vs. push demand.

Franchisee friendly organizational philosophy. MidiCi’s mission statement is “we bring friends together.” Happy franchisees make happy guests. Fun to run. Make money by bringing friends together. While other chains serve pizza, MidiCi brings friends together.

Serve high quality, healthier products than regular pizza and large chains.

Salient Features:

  • Guest value proposition: Inexpensive, fun family day or night out with your friends. Unlike some businesses like auto-repair, guests choose to be there.
  • Franchisees maintain high profile in the community.
  • Franchisees are active in the local chambers of commerce, schools, sports leagues, church etc.
  • Unique guest experience where guest is in charge. The Guest is the “Pizza Maker” and is empowered to get exactly what they want, how they want it. Eliminates guest complaints.
  • High volume stores. High margins. Strong Unit-level economics.
  • No hidden charges or hidden product mark ups. Franchisee benefits from national purchasing power and keeps the savings.
  • Simple restaurant. Easy to run and to manage.
  • Scalable. Quick ramp up + Easy to run + Easy to learn = Franchisees’ can grow rapidly into multiple units. Most franchisees have already invested in multiple units.
  • Work-life balance. The strong unit level economics allow franchisees to make money by managing managers.
  • Cash business. No accounts receivables.
  • Little inventory. Not tying up your cash with inventory gathering dust on shelves.
  • Recognizable Brand.
  • Desirable footprint. Stores range from 2200-4500 sq ft).
  • Tight cost controls. Little inventory. Only two cash registers.
  • Sleek and social space. A harmony by design. Intuitive space, flow and function.
  • A place where people can come to have a cup of coffee, a pizza, a salad, an appetizer, a dessert, or simply a glass of wine or beer. Scenic point from anywhere in the restaurant
  • Personalization / Customization. You tell me how you want your pizza!
  • An environment where people want to stay and socialize – it’s about friendships.
  • World-class branding. World-class design
  • The Magic! Pizza in 90 seconds in wood fired ovens.
  • Superior product – Made from high quality ingredients. Authentic Neapolitan pizza, a seal that needs to meet rigorous gastronomic rules. Garnish is made of pure ingredients.
  • MidiCi serves THE ORIGINAL pizza, True and authentic Neapolitan Pizza.
  • Dough made from simple ingredients. No additives. Only 5 simple natural ingredients. It is a better for you product. A Margherita pizza is only approx. 850 calories.
  • Aggressive business lunch program designed for urban environments.
  • Executive Chef – Head of the Verace Pizza Napoletana in North America.
  • Executive Chef- Head of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani.
  • Coffee program with freshly wood roasted coffee made by and for MidiCi in Seattle and packaged in MidiCi branding.
  • Wood ovens imported from Naples.
  • Kitchen is the center stage – and has a unique design called “the heart”
  • Sophisticated design – “fast fine category” – hybrid of fast casual prices and type serving, and a fine dining design…..
  • Unique proprietary design made by famed Architect Sam Marshall- known for LA’s most successful restaurants.
  • Average Number of Employees: 20 – 40

Support and Training

  • Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
    Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Recruiting Assistance: NA
  • Co-Operative Advertising: NA
  • Training: Training and support program details: 5- 8 week education program at MidiCi Global Headquarters. 10 days of opening support; PR and Grand Opening Support; Ongoing Field Visits;
  • Franchisor Support of 100 people at Global Headquarters
  • Cost for Training: a. Investor: none for 2 people; b. Others: tbd; c. Later for new hires: same as above; Lodging and airfare included: No; Mentor following training: Yes; Length of mentoring Franchisee: on going

Desired background of prospects and Ideal candidate

Some management/business experience, and/or food background – helpful, but not required. Background and skills include management of personnel, customer service, and bookkeeping.

Owners daily activities:

  • Semi-Absentee/Absentee
  • Set the culture at the restaurant by hiring and leading the right general manager
  • Overseeing the bookkeeper.
  • Leading the overall strategy.
  • Observe Key Performance Indicators
  • Plan and execute community events
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Enforce brand standards


  1. All the above, plus
  2. Hire and train/educate staff
  3. Maintain inventory
  4. Maintain cleanliness
  5. Ensure consistent guest experience

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