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Fit for Life Franchise

Posted 3Yrs 3M 18D 21hrs 49mins ago 1,407 Views Food Related
FIT FOR LIFE is a Canadian owned healthy fast food franchise business that caters to nutrition conscious consumers.. The menu focuses primarily on nutrition developed around the Wrap sandwich pre
  • $170K

Treats Franchise

Posted 3Yrs 3M 19D 7hrs 54mins ago 1,423 Views Food Related

  • $170K

Menchies Franchise

Posted 3Yrs 7M 4D 4hrs 7mins ago 1,357 Views Food Related
Menchie’s is in the business of making people smile. And that’s what makes menchie’s different. If you’re thinking about a frozen yogurt franchise, remember that it’s not just about the
  • $200K

Teriyaki Experience Franchise

Posted 3Yrs 7M 4D 4hrs 22mins ago 1,394 Views Food Related
Teriyaki Madness is a fast-casual Asian restaurant serving exceptional Teriyaki cuisine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our healthy menu offers an assortment of high quality meats grilled to per
  • $200K

Tossed Restaurant Franchise

Posted 3Yrs 7M 4D 4hrs 34mins ago 1,098 Views Food Related
Tossed has been widely publicized as an emerging well positioned brand between the salad and sandwich subset of the fast casual segment featuring fresh salads, grilled panini, hot soups, wraps, g
  • $250K

Midici Pizza

Posted 3Yrs 7M 4D 4hrs 51mins ago 1,251 Views Food Related
The only fast casual pizza that is going to disrupt the existing models, as it not about the pizza, rather the friendships created by spending time at MidiCi. The MidiCi brand positioning was dev
  • $200K

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