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MyListingPlace.com is a listing site from ProClient Brokers for selling existing businesses, new franchises, and ICI property listings helping buyers and seller in their acquisitions and selling.

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Service Offered To Business Seller Client


If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. We are in business selling service and can help you sell your existing business in Toronto (GTA), Ontario and beyond. ProClient Brokers connect matching buyers to business sellers. We offer a full range of seller services. Most of our steps in addition to Agreement of Purchase and Sale and due diligence facilitation in selling are as under:

  1. FREE Consultation for understanding the selling process.
  2. Free business valuation / Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) for our Clients.
  3. A Web Page built for your business highlighting pros.
  4. MLS Listing (Optional, as per situation and Agreement with the Seller Client)
  5. Listing on ICIworld.net
  6. National website (http://ICX.ca) listing (if MLS listing)
  7. Included in the Business for Sale Summary List – GTABusinessBroker.ca, Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  8. Listing on MyListingPlace.com
  9. Added listing in IBBA.org – International Business Brokers Association (worldwide for IBBA members only)
  10. Social Media (Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn / Blogger / 4Square / etc.).
  11. Emails sent directly to our clientele in our DataBase
  12. Active buyers on our list we talk to weekly or so.
  13. Fiduciary Duties from ProClient as we are very Pro Clients.
  14. Following the International Business Brokers Association Re-Sale policy guidelines.


  • Listing Documents signed
  • 3 Years Financials – p&L A/C, copy of lease (if business is in leased premises).
  • 9 months plus listing duration.


  • Total commission agreed upon at the time of Listing depending on the business value.
  • Portion of total commission offered to the Buyer Broker or as agreed with the Seller Client quick sale.
  • We may renegotiate the the commission if Buyer lead comes through you.

Let us know if there is anything we need to do in order to assist you.

Please fill out the following form when you are ready:

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